The  2015 reunion at Springfield, Illinois was really well accepted.  The 4th and 25th division Associations combined to produce an outstanding get together with about 500 attendees.  B company had 28, including spouses, all of whom enjoyed  the week.  In addition to the Lincoln homeand museum tours we thoroughly enjoyed the Friday Luau, at the end of which, as the music finished at about midnight the only couples still dancing were all from B company!  

During the Saturday night Flames of Remembrance dinner recognitions, our own Alex Cooker took the podium and related his experiences as a Vietnam soldier and had everyone in stiches!  He was incredible after which we all let him know.  In our hotel each Association had Hospitality Rooms; B Company took two tables in the rear of the 4th ID room and had a wonderful time for three days looking at pictures and sharing stories

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