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All are left to right, row 1 front.  The group was too wide to fit into one frame, and have the faces identifiable.  The first photo is the left side of the group.  (If someone has better pictures please send them to Steve Schroeder.  Send correction to Steve as well.)
Row 1: Ron Cunningham
Row 2: Joe Jones, Eugene Sanchez, Jim Siver, Herbert Hood, Robert Ramirez
Row 3: Mike Hamer, Paul Modafferi, Bruce Stubbs, Boyland Taylor, Ron Sebring, Gene Iacovelli, Dave Dickman
Row 4: Tom Lacombe, Bobby Hatcher, J.D. Reeves, Jim Caughlin, Charles Aldridge, David Shoemaker
2009 p1090540edit3
Row 1: Edie Meier, Gene Boyer, James Hannessee, Lenorado Mattingly, Bill Moen
Row 2: J.R. Richardson, Barry Shirk, Harold Harmon, John Sommer, John Shirley
Row 3: Gary Kanarowski, Donald Black, Charles Redwine, Frank Jeffries, Ben Reynolds, Charles Benedict
Row 4: Dean Northcutt, Russ Portner, Richard Hoffman, Steve Schroeder
 Reunion organizer Mike Hamer with his "Point Man" plaque.
 Photo courtesy of Dean Northcutt.
Clearly some Vietnam Vets were staying at the reunion hotel!
Photos courtesy of Dean Northcutt.

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