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Welcome to the website dedicated to the members of Company B 3/12, 4th Infantry Division that served with the unit in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The site was started in August, 2008, which happens to be the 40th anniversary for some of us who served with the unit. The site is still growing.  There is much information that can be collected from unit members and added to the site. Please consider adding yours.

According to reference material, the 3rd of the 12th, including B Company, was in Vietnam from 4 October 1966 until 7 December 1970. It is unknown, at least to the author, how many individuals served with B Company during that period. The goals of this site are 1) to locate unit members who served in Vietnam and add them to our roster, 2) to keep unit members informed of the latest news related to our common service, and 3) to share reference material related to the unit's time in Vietnam.

Members of B Company - If you are were a member of B Company, 3/12 Infantry during its tour in Vietnam, we want you on this site's Roster and Contact List. Photos that document B Company's Vietnam tour are of great interest for posting on the site. If you have group photos of B Company members and/or photos that show B Company's location in Vietnam, please consider sending them for use on the site. The dates and locations for all pictures are important. See Please Read for information on how to submit your photos.

Note on the home page - Under the Also Updated section on the left of the page a date has been added to the entries.  It's there for the sole purpose of helping me track what's really "new".  


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New Roster/Contacts
  06/2018 Robert Winters
  11/2017 Jose Ortiz
  09/2017 Leonard Chartier
  08/2017 Ed Hill
  07/2017 John Lalli  
  06/2017 Reginald Bailey
  04/2018 MPQ-4 
  08/2017 Thypoon Bess
  04/2018 1967 September
  04/2018 1967 October
In Memorium
  09/2019 Len Mattingly
  06/2018 James Brewer
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