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Commanding Officers 

This is an incomplete list of B Company's Commanding Officers during it's Vietnam tour.  It is constructed from the collective memory of various unit members and may not be accurate.   If you have corrections or additions please contact Steve Schroeder.

From To Command Officer
10/04/1966 04/13/1967 Cpt. James Hegglund
04/14/1967 08/10/1967 Cpt. Mike Hammer
08/11/1967   ?
  01/20/1968 Cpt. Morton
01/21/1968 08/08/1968 Cpt. James Hennessee
08/09/1968 09/25/1968 Cpt. Carey Dunning
09/26/1968 11/11/1968 Cpt. Matherly
11/12/1968 01/28/1969 Cpt. Bardon Blizzard
01/29/1969 02/06/1969 1LT Dean Northcutt
02/07/1969 06/xx/1969  Cpt John Mikula
06/xx/1969    Cpt. Mattison
  10/30/1969 Cpt. William Dillard
10/31/1969   1LT James Cima
    Cpt. Danson
  03/xx/1970  Cpt. Joseph Parker
03/xx/1970 10/xx/1970 1LT Dan Newsom
10/xx/1970 12/07/1970  Cpt. Charles N. Wilson

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New Roster/Contacts
  11/2017 Jose Ortiz
  09/2017 Leonard Chartier
  08/2017 Ed Hill
  07/2017 John Lalli  
  06/2017 Reginald Bailey
  04/2018 MPQ-4 
  08/2017 Thypoon Bess
  04/2018 1967 September
  04/2018 1967 October
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