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In Memorium

The following members of B Company have died since leaving Vietnam.   They are gone but not forgotten.

A poem, submitted by Dean Northcutt.

Avery, Allen
Bell, James
Blum, Vernon
Clarke, William R. 
Collie, Dave
Cruthis, Gerald
Gardner, Paul H.
Gipson, Russell D.
Howard, Harold
Jackson, Thomas E.
Kelly, Roy
Knox, Bennie L.
Lacovelli, Gene
Lincicome, Tim
Moore, Maurice 
Morton, Robert
Muhlbauer, Mike
Partin, Ronnie L.
Pierce, Donald W.
Price, Richard
Quiroz, Guillermo
Rieda, Lou   
Renolds, Ted 
Ross, Gary
Steiner, Charles V. 
Tharp, Jerry
Williamson, Arthur 
York, Jesse 

Names that are underlined may be clicked for more information.   If you have additions to the list please contact Steve Schroeder.

Also Updated

New Roster/Contacts
  11/2017 Jose Ortiz
  09/2017 Leonard Chartier
  08/2017 Ed Hill
  07/2017 John Lalli  
  06/2017 Reginald Bailey
  08/25/2017 Thypoon Bess
From LTC Hendrix
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